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Electrical installation condition reports- Explained!!


What are Electrical safety certificates?

Basically an electrical safety certificate is better known as an Electrical Installation condition report (EICR) which also used to be called a periodic inspection. Confusing i know!!

An EICR is a report not a certificate, it is a formal document that is produced following an assessment of the electrical installation within a property. It must be carried out by a Part P Registered Electrician who has a good working knowledge and experience of electrical installations.


Why do i require an EICR?

There are a number of reasons why a householder might request an EICR. They are:


  1. Landlords request an EICR because it is the most reliable method of proving that the electrical installation within the rented property is safe. This is where the name landlord safety certificates come from.
  2. Homeowner is selling the property and request an EICR to prove to the prospective buyer that the electrical installation is safe.
  3. Buying a property, buyer requests the home owner to provide an EICR for the property before the purchase of the house.
  4. Just bought a house and realised the electrics in the house don’t look safe, then an EICR is advised. This step can hopefully be avoided if you request an Electrical Condition Report before you buy the property. Nothing worse than buying a house and finding out it needs a Re-wire!!!


How long does an EICR last?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is  recommended every 10 years for domestic property to check the condition of the electrical installation to ensure there is no deterioration, however there are reasons why it might be done more often:

  •  Age of the installation (the older the installation the more often an EICR should be carried out)
  • Environmental Conditions
  • vandalism
  • Change in use.
  • Change of occupancy in rental properties.


What happens during a EICR?

An Approved electrician will come out to the property and carry out a visual check on no less than 10% of the electrical accessories (switches/sockets/ lights etc). They will record any observations they find, the observations will be categorized into three categories:

Code 1 – There is danger present, risk of injury and immediate work is required

Code 2 – There is potential danger present, risk of injury and immediate remedial action required

Code 3 – Improvement recommended


They also carry out a full test on the electrical installation and record there results. Your report is then summarized taking into account all the results and observations made and the report will state whether your electrical installation is unsatisfactory or satisfactory.



If you have an unsatisfactory reading, it indicates that your electrical installation has Code 1 and code 2 faults that need rectifying. Normally speaking the electrician who carried out the EICR will provide you with a quotation along with the report to fix any C1 and C2 faults. However, the report is written in such a way that you have the option to take the report to another electrician to get another quote.


How much is an EICR?

Normally an Electrical Installation Condition Report is roughly £120 -£180 depending on the size of house and how many circuits.


What North East Electrical OFFER

  • Landlord safety certificates now known as Electrical installation Condition Reports.  From as little as £120.00 
  • We issue Electrical Installation certificates for all notifiable work that we complete. 
  • We offer Maintenance contracts to commercial and industrial premises which require EICR every 5 year or once a year.
  • We specialize in Fault finding. (This does Require a small call out fee) 80% of our faults we find are within the 1st hour! 
  • We also offer a cheaper alternative to landlords that require a check of the premises after a tenant leaves the property to make sure its safe for use. This is called a Visual Condition Report. £49.99


If you require Electrical safety certificates in the North East or Newcastle then just let us know and we would happily give you some advice and provide you with a quote.